I am introducing Moldovan women to a new and distinctive fashion accessory, specifically the hand-made wool handbag that have become so much appreciated and sought for in the US. This is due to their reflection of a harmonious combination of elegance, simplicity and charm.
The hand-made wool handbags are suitable for every wardrobe as the colors they come in, makes them appropriate for every event and season.
The bags can be crafted in a wide range of colors; therefore everything will ultimately depend on your taste.
For those who know the art of handicrafts would agree that a spell of imagination, a distinctive design and appropriate color, would make anyone the designer of a unique and creative model.
It is a known fact that the distinctiveness are in details and accessories; therefore, a special attention must be given to handlers, ribbons, and other adorning elements and the way these are conceived. A harmonious combination of these elements will result in a unique work of craft that will certainly grab everybody’s attention.
The bags are the result of a complex hand-made process which definitely deserves its price.

      A handbag is a crucial accessory for women’ wardrobe therefore the shopping race through various shops to find the most suitable one is an all too know routine. Although various women look for different features when they select their bags, the bottom line rule is that these should be practicable but still look elegant, which requires a great deal of taste and style in order to math these with our wardrobe clothes.

The hand bags created by me have a joyful looking, while the aesthetic elements that they contain make them practical, casual and extremely suitable and indispensable accessory for every day life.  However, my guiding principle is to produce bags that reflect sheer simplicity but still abound in sophistication by being produced in various colours and textures. Most importantly I encourage you to dare to experiment and include in your daily wardrobe accessories that are hand-made and unique which gives them a value added in comparison with other standard-looking accessories that can be found on the market. The wool bags are ornamented with colourful ribbons and have cotton handlers which makes them look coquette and exceptional.

Spring-Summer Collection
Autumn-Winter Collection
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